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JULY 2017 Prayer Letter

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Dear Prayer and Fasting Partners,

Prayer is something that helps people. I was talking to a woman whose husband died unexpectedly a couple of days ago and at the end of our conversation, I asked her, “Can I pray for you?” Her response, “Please.” I prayed for her and asked that God would extend comfort and help to her through his presence. I ended the prayer and she said, “Thank you, that’s the first time someone has offered to pray for me and I needed it.” I realize that prayer is a very practical gift we can extend to others. One thing I want to challenge you to do this month is to look for people who would benefit from a prayer spoken over them. Some of the most powerful words we can ask are, “Can I pray for you?” If the answer is yes, I encourage you pray with them right there. I believe that prayer matters and I know you do too. That’s why I want to thank you for praying for Ignite’s ministry of starting new churches.

Here are some of the things to lift up before the Father this month:

1. Engage Christian Church:

Engage is seeing newcomers attend weekly services because of the outreach events they are working through the summer. This month, they are hosting an event for children and I’d like to pray that this yields another group of people who will join this growing church.

2. Financial development for Ignite:

We are going to be looking for several part-time representatives to help with our financial development as an organization. Please pray for us as we talk with people who might help us in this role. The goal will be to have at least one person helping Ignite by the first of August.

3. Mobilize Illinois:

Starting in July, we will be focusing on this endeavor to unite our churches across the state toward the common goal of starting churches in Illinois and across the world. We will be meeting with leaders across the state, so please pray for open hearts to join in this effort which will be highlighted at ICOM in Peoria (November 2017).

4. Prayer Mountains for 2017:

Our prayer journal lists several different “mountains” we are asking God to move ahead of us that I would like to ask you to pray for: Please pray for God to bring 3 parent churches to us. Please pray that God brings one planter from each of the four people groups in Chicagoland to us by the end of the year. Pray for us to add 15 new church partners this year and 125 new individual donors. Pray for God to help us start one church we were not planning on starting this year (by a new method).

Thank you for being a part of this prayer effort. Prayer matters and your involvement makes Ignite stronger.
Have a wonderful summer, Lance