Pentecost Offering

May 23, 2021 

@ Ignite Church Planting

Starting a church for Farsi speakers in Chicagoland


James Shahabi is the planter for this new work.  James grew up in Tehran, Iran as a Muslim. He moved to Turkey in his early 20’s and was introduced to Jesus by a local missionary. James and Joy moved to the US in 2012 and began working with former Muslims who had come to know Jesus.  He currently pastors an online church that is made up of Farsi speakers in 7 different countries across Europe and the Middle East. James has begun meeting with this people group in Chicagoland (there are 35,000 – 40,000 Farsi speakers in this region) for the purpose of starting a church in 2021.


Funding the first phase of the Chicago Initiative


The Chicago Initiative is Ignite’s strategic plan to start a series of churches in the city of Chicago.  The first phase of the plan is the development of a Top 10 list of receptive neighborhoods and people groups that will be focused on for planting. Included in this phase will be prayer walking, looking for people of peace and for indigenous planters.  This focus on the city is being developed using a multi-staged format over the next 10 years.   


How can I participate?
  • Take up a special offering from the church.

  • Give a special offering from the mission budget.

  • Using the Pentecost envelopes from Ignite, invite individuals to give (for Pentecost envelopes, contact

  • Click the Donate button below.

  • Send a donation to Ignite Church Planting, Box 189, Schererville, IN 46375.


For more information:

Please email or call Lance at (815) 685-1939 .