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Dear Prayer and Fasting Partners

I spoke on prayer yesterday using the story of King Jehoshaphat found in 2 Chronicles 20.  Looking at the king in action, he demonstrated the spiritual muscle memory he had developed as a follower of God. Faced with a huge army coming against him, he did the first thing that came to mind: he prayed!  His leaning into God immediately showed me the practice he had built into his life. I want to thank you for joining together in the practice of prayer for our ministry of starting churches. We are going to continue praying for the Chicago Initiative this month (a group of us are planning to walk and pray through another neighborhood or two on May 1).

1.  Northside Neigbhorhoods:


Albany Park:  This neighborhood is extremely diverse (there are over 70 different languages spoken in the school district). It is a neighborhood that has been welcoming to refugees and new immigrants.  There is opportunity for planting churches here.

Rogers Park: Over 55,000 people call this neighborhood home. This neighborhood is the furthest north in the city and is middle classed in economic makeup.  A large percentage of the work force is employed in the education field. Please pray for people of peace to be found.

2.  Southside Neighborhoods:


Beverly: This neighborhood is a racially integrated neighborhood.  It is made up of stable middle class families (61% Caucasian / 32% African-American) and the downtown is home to some long-established businesses.  We need to pray for some indigenous planters to come to us from this area.

Other?: I know there are several other potential neighborhoods we could focus our planting attention on across the southside, please pray for God to open our eyes as we look for other places in this area of the city.

3.  Pentecost is for Planting offering:


On May 23, we are taking up an offering for church planting across Chicagoland.  One of the prayer mountains we are asking God to move ahead of us in 2021 is for 40 churches to be involved in this offering. We are using this offering to help start the Farsi speaking church in Chicagoland and to fund the first stage of the Chicago Initiative. We have had some exciting things already happen as one church is setting aside $10,000 as a matching gift fund! Every dollar given results in another dollar added to that amount. I received word today of another church that is giving $5,000 toward this offering.  Let’s pray for $10,000 to be given by May 23.  


Thank you for your prayer support, prayer lays the foundation for everything we do.  I am grateful for your partnership in our ministry of starting churches.        

Have a great May, Lance


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