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March 2022 Prayer Letter

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Dear Prayer and Fasting Partners,

I was reading in 2 Corinthians the other day when a familiar passage caught my eye. Paul was talking to the church at Corinth, thanking them for their partnership in his ministry. “You help us by your prayers. Then many will give thanks on our behalf for the gracious favor granted us in answer to your prayers.” (1: 11)  I reflected on this with regard to what takes place each month as we partner together in praying for the things that will impact the future of Ignite. Thank you for all the help you bring to our ministry of starting new churches as you pray. The answers that come as we pray allow us to point out the active hand of the Father at work.

This month, we are going to pray forward, asking God to make some future directions more clear.

Parent Churches: We are talking about being much more intentional about emphasizing this strategy for starting new churches. In particular, we have seen positive examples of starting churches for different people groups (both ethnic and affinity-based) in existing churches. There are 150 unique consulates in the city of Chicago, I want us to pray for Ignite to lead in starting churches for half of those people groups. What might happen as we pray this big prayer?  I do know our God can do “immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine”. Let’s pray for more parent churches to step forward.

Non-Traditional Planters:  We are currently praying that God brings another 12 non-traditional planters for this training in 2022. The first cohort has 8 people involved and the second has 4 people. Every person involved is listening to the Spirit and looking for the people group they feel God wants them to impact with the Good News of Jesus. Please pray for these potential planters and for guidance from the Spirit.

Chicago Initiative: This is another big prayer as we are looking at different neighborhoods and different partnerships for planting in the city. This year is designed to be a beta test for a micro church in the city, so please pray for this first church plant and for more to follow. We are committed to learning more about different methods for planting and are willing to risk. Please pray for guidance as we step forward. 

Think Tank in Chicago:  On March 22, I will be attending a think tank focused on planting churches in the city of Chicago. I am looking forward to seeing what a new study is revealing for the city and how we might use the information gathered to become more effective at starting churches in the urban context. 

Church plant in Hammond, IN:   We have a couple of options coming up for using the building we have for a potential church plant. We believe there needs to be a Latino emphasis in this plant due to the context of this area, so please pray that God will bring us the right person for this plant. 


Thank you for helping us by your prayers. I look forward to the many stories of God’s hand at work in the days ahead.  I am grateful for your partnership with Ignite,  Lance






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