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April 2023 Prayer Letter

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April 1, 2023

Dear Ignite Prayer and Fasting Partners,

The date above always brings a chuckle to my heart. I think back to some of the April Fool’s Day jokes that were played on me (or that I played on others) and many memories are attached to this day. I hope the first day of this month is good for you and that the month ahead will be full of blessings, especially as we remember the cross of Jesus and his Resurrection on Easter Sunday. I want to thank you for bringing the real meaning of Easter to so many through the years. Through your help, churches have been started across Chicagoland and I am grateful, as 2023 is setting up to be an exciting year for starting new churches. Here are some of the things I am asking you to pray for this month. 

Easter services in our new churches:  It still boggles my mind when I talk to people who have no idea about the meaning of Easter. We start churches so people can find the hope of Jesus. Please be praying for our churches to extend that hope in compelling ways this year.

Meeting with a potential parent church:  Matt Wright and I will be meeting with the leaders of a church on April 6 to invite them into our Parent Church Network. We have a Spanish speaking leader for this daughter church and are asking the parent to provide space for the new church to meet. Please pray for us.

Meeting space for an Ecuadorian church in Chicago: This growing group of people (they now have 60-80 people who are a part of this church) continue to meet in apartments across the north side of the city. We are in the process of helping them find a church that will open space for them to meet together regularly. We would appreciate you praying for a quick answer to this request.

Pentecost is for Planting:  On May 28, we will be taking up our annual Pentecost Offering. We have a generous church that has committed $20,000 as a matching gift for this offering. We are praying for 48 churches to participate this year. Will you join us in these prayers?

Disciple Heritage Conference, April 26-27:  Several of us will be going to represent Ignite at this two-day conference in Decatur. There will be many churches attending who are not tied into a church planting organization anywhere. Please pray for some good contacts and conversations as we talk about our ministry.

No fooling, I am grateful for your partnership in prayer, Lance

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