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August 2022 Prayer Letter

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Dear Prayer and Fasting Partners,

I am grateful for your consistent prayer support for our ministry of starting churches in Chicagoland and beyond. I have had several conversations with potential planting partners and church planters the past few weeks and am looking forward to seeing the fruit from these conversations. Your prayers are opening doors ahead of us. Please keep praying as I know there are opportunities ahead that  we need to be prepared for.

This month, we are going to focus our prayers on Parent Church Planting. Matt Wright and I will soon be talking with a group of churches in Northwest IN about the possibility of partnering together to launch some Latino churches within their facilities. This caused me to think of some of the other people groups we want to reach by starting churches. This month, we want you to pray for several things:

Parent Churches – With over 100 churches from our tribe in Chicagoland, we believe there are some right now who could be parents of a daughter church. The model we are going to be using is “Church within a Church”, where the daughter will launch at the same facility as the parent church. The new church will focus on a people group the mother has not been able to reach. Please pray for openness to this model from our existing churches.

People groups – There are many people groups in our region, here are some to focus your prayers:

  • African-American – Several million in this Chicagoland people group

  • Caucasian – There are many different ethnicities in this people group

  • Asian – This people group encompasses those from Indonesia and China to India

  • Latino – Several million in this growing people group in the region

  • Seniors – Over 600,000 people 60 years old and up live in Cook County alone

  • Singles – Over 500,000 people 18 – 25 live in Cook County

  • College Students – Over 600,000 people are in college in Chicagoland

  • First Responders – This one is near and dear to my heart

  • Shift Workers – Service on Sunday morning does not work for everyone

  • Families with special need children – I have had conversations about this group with parents

  • Medical Personnel – Another group that has a specific identity and need

Please pray for workers who will reach these different people groups. I believe our prayers are going to open some doors for new church planting. Thank you for your prayer partnership, Lance 


download pdf