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August 2023 Prayer Letter

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Dear Prayer and Fasting Partners,

I want to thank you for the foundation of prayer you are laying for our ministry of church planting. It is incredible to see what God is doing during the past month and I attribute most of it to the prayers you have been praying. We have had a couple of micro churches form or plan on forming soon, we have seen a new Farsi church emerge in Canada as a result of the ministry of James and Joy Shahabi and we celebrated reaching our goal of matching the $20,000 gift given for our Pentecost Offering (total raised: $44,415!!). Thank you for praying for this offering! Prayer is one our greatest gifts, so thank you for choosing to exercise it regularly for Ignite.

Here are the items I would like you to pray for during August:

Lilly Grant Proposal: We have been praying for this each week on our Wednesday call. Please continue to ask for the Lord’s will to be done and for his favor as our proposal is in the hands of the selection committee.

Todd and Tonja Hancock:  Todd and Tonja are starting a church to reach the growing Hispanic population in Grundy County. Their parent church is First Christian in Morris. Todd recently received a new grill, so some of his co-workers at Costco said that he needed to christen it with a party. Todd and Tonja hosted a party at their home on July 8 and had 37 people show up. 27 of them were Spanish speakers and 10 were English speakers who want to learn Spanish. Please continue to pray for them as they gather people toward an early 2024 launch.

Prospective Planter: I will be touring an area of Chicagoland with a gentleman we have had several initial meetings with regarding planting. Please pray for discernment and wisdom for me as I work with him to see if he could be a planter for Ignite.

Farsi Ministry is Expanding:  On Monday, James Shahabi told me about a lady who had attended their in-person church a couple of weeks ago from Canada. She informed James that she and a group of people in Toronto have been watching his online services and want to be a part of Kheimeh Molaghat Church. James and Joy will be traveling to Canada in September to meet with this group of people who are forming another in-person Farsi speaking church.

Social Media Consultant: Grace Davis is working with Ignite to boost our social media presence and reach a broader audience for our church planting ministry. Please pray for her as she will be evaluating where we are currently and then develops strategies for reaching new people groups.

Thank you for being a part of Ignite. You continue to refresh my heart and our ministry as you partner with us through your prayers.

Have a wonderful August, Lance

download pdf 

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