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Dear Ignite Prayer and Fasting Partners,

I am in the process of writing our November newsletter using the topic: “What is the Return on Investment of Church Planting?”.  One of the articles is going to talk about the difference prayer walking has made at Lifewell Christian Church in Winfield, IN.  Danny Cox told the story to a group of non-traditional planters via video a few months ago and it was easy to see the impact prayer had on the church.  After Lifewell began, Danny began mapping out where the different families who attended lived.  Imagine his surprise when he noticed that over 40 of them lived along his prayer walking route!  We know that prayer works!!  Thank you for impacting our ministry through your consistent prayers for Ignite.


Since this is an election November, I would like us to pray a little differently this month:

1.  Our Nation:

This has been an extremely polarizing season politically and I think we need to pray for our nation in the month that follows the November 3 election.

2.  The Church:

I put this with a big “C” as I believe that Christians in churches across our country can make a positive difference as we stand for Jesus and practice the traits of a disciple in our daily interactions with others. 

3.  Churches in Chicagoland:

Many of you attend a church in our region.  I know your pastor and leaders would appreciate your prayers as they seek to initiate plans to impact your community with the good news of Jesus

4.  Ignite’s new churches:

The story from Lifewell is just one of many that detail the difference a new church is making in the lives of people.  Most of our churches are still trying to figure out how to help people during these Covid times.  Please pray for them. 

5.  Non-Traditional Church Planting Cohort #2:

In January, we will begin a second cohort for potential planters and we would like to have 6 – 10 people involved.  Will you pray that we connect with those God is calling to accept the invitation? 

6.  Ignite’s Staff and Board:

I would appreciate your prayers for us as we begin to lay the foundation for 2021 in our planning. 


Your prayers help our ministry move forward.  Thank you for praying, Lance


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