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October 2022 Prayer Letter

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Hello Prayer and Fasting Partners,

I hope your Fall is going well. September was a busy month and I am very grateful for your prayers for me and for Ignite. During the month, we hosted several important meetings, one of which was for potential parent church partners. I will be meeting with a group of ministers tomorrow in central Illinois to tell them about a minster gathering we will be hosting in November and then will travel to interview a potential planter in that region. Thank you for your prayers for Ignite, we have a lot of good things happening and your prayers continue to impact our ministry.


Here are some of the things I would like you to pray about during October:

Parent Church Partners:  We are praying for 3 partner churches who will become host churches for new Latino churches we want to start in Northwest Indiana. At the meeting yesterday, there was interest from the churches present. Let’s pray for 3 parent churches before 2023.

Exponential Chicago:  This will be taking place October 12-13 in Naperville. We are inviting 5 church leaders whose churches we believe could become parent churches in the future. Please pray that something during the conference will open their eyes and hearts to this possibility.

Sale of the Hammond church building:  This property is on the market and we have had quite a few showings. The sale of this building will provide financing for our Latino daughter churches to be started. We are praying for the sale to be completed before the end of the year. Please join us in these prayers.

Alternative Church Planting Model:  I will be talking with a church about providing space for this new model for planting during the month. I would appreciate prayers for this meeting.

Think Tank for Church Planting with Todd Wilson: Todd, who is the Executive Director of Exponential, has invited me (along with other church planting directors) to participate in a think tank that will examine new ideas for church planting in the future. I was grateful to be included in this process and would like to you pray for those who will be involved. 

There are many more good things taking place, the campus of The Village will be launching in November in Coal City and we are continuing talking with a new church in Gary, IN about partnering with them. Thank you for your prayers for Ignite and for your partnership in this ministry. Love, Lance


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