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13 Key Qualities for Church Planters

Church Planter Application - Step 3

@ Ignite Church Planting

Church Planters Assessment Tools - Step 3 (part 2 of 2)

Please indicate the appropriate number scale for each quality that best represent the way you see yourself. Then give an example (or two) of specific ways you have exhibited each of the qualities mentioned in the profile. Please have your mate (or someone who knows you well) also fill out a profile for you.  Thank you!

*If you are filling this out for someone else, list their name above.

Rank yourself on all qualities (1=weak, 5=strong)
I am one who:
1. does not hesitate to take faith-motivated risks for God.
2. has the ability to formulate and communicate a God-given vision.

Thank you for taking the Biographical Sketch Questionnaire.  Please submit below.

3. is committed to church growth and discipleship.
4. is intrinsically motivated.
5. is responsive to the community.
6. creates ownership of ministry.
7. utilizes the giftedness of others.
8. effectively builds relationships.
9. is flexible and adaptable.
10. is resilient.
11. relates well to the unchurched.
12. has the cooperation and support of my spouse.
13. builds group cohesiveness.

Thank you for taking the 13 Key Qualities Assessment.  Please submit below.

Thanks for submitting! Please continue with the process at:  Start the Process.

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