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Core Values

@ Ignite Church Planting

This picture below the Chicago Fire Academy which was built on the origination point of the fire of 1871. Ignite Church Planting exists to accelerate the spread of Jesus’ mission across Chicagoland by starting churches.


Ignite is a church-planting ministry located in one of America's greatest cities with a huge population base; Chicagoland and NW Indiana is home to 10 million people. It is estimated that almost 6.5 million people have no relationship with Jesus or his church. Ignite will change that reality by starting new churches. 


Bringing hope to Chicagoland by starting churches.


  • Prayer: We practice prayer because it is the source of wisdom, provision, and direction. 

  • Planters: We care for our planters because they are our greatest resource. 

  • Partners: We are better together because we know everyone has a role to play in planting, even if they are not a church planter. 

  • Possibilities: We love innovation because we must explore new methods to continue being effective at starting churches. 


Ignite Church Planting started over 100 years ago as Chicago District Evangelization Association.  Ignite has roots to the Independent Christian Churches and has a long track record of planting successful churches through the Chicagoland region. For more information about past projects please follow this link. 


Core Values

@ Ignite Church Planting

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