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Accelerated Disciple-Making

 @ Ignite Church Planting

Purpose of the training:


To help followers of Jesus implement disciple-making into their natural rhythm of life. This training will be practical, focusing on tools and practices that every follower of Jesus uses to facilitate spiritual growth and development.  As participants grow and develop their disciple-making ability, disciples will be made, groups will be started and, potentially, new churches will be launched.


Method for training:

This training is designed to be self-directed and will be delivered by a series of monthly videos specific for the topic of the month. Participants will view the videos, take notes and then discuss them at the monthly group Zoom meeting with the facilitator.  These monthly meetings allow participants to share insights, ask questions and develop a personal ongoing plan of action for implementation of the topics discussed. 


Outline of Program:


Phase One:  Spiritual Formation  (6 months) 

This phase will help participants develop and grow their spiritual foundation for we believe  a disciple best passes on what they know and practice.  Topics in this phase of the training will be: The Bible, Prayer, Serving, Sharing Jesus, Stewardship and Remaining in Jesus.


Phase Two:  Disciple-Making  (6 months)

This phase of training will prepare participants to begin the disciple-making process with others.  Topics in this phase will be: Hospitality, Inviting Others, How to Lead a Discovery Bible Study, etc.


Phase Three:  Church Planting  (6 – 12 months)

As disciples are made and these disciples begin making disciples, multiplication begins to take place. We believe that churches can be a variety of sizes and can reach to many different people and affinity groups. We want to catalyze a movement of church planting by turning disciple-makers loose as missionaries to the people they are called to reach. This phase of training will help participants think through their planting plan, while giving practical tools and guidance for the planting process.

Cost of the training:

We have attached a minimal cost to the training for participants. The cost is $25 monthly or $125 for the first six months of the training. This cost can be paid by clicking on the Donate button and then clicking on the Non-Traditional Church Planting tab.


If you would like to get started with the Accelerated Disciple-Making Program, please fill out the form or email: / Text or call:  (815) 685-1939.

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Non-Traditional Planter Training

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