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Parent Church Network

 @ Ignite Church Planting



Ignite Church Planting has created a Parent Church Network to help churches work through the process of birthing a daughter church. These daughter churches can be started to reach different people groups that the parent churches have not been able to reach yet. These people groups (different ethnicity or interest) can be reached by a church that starts with them in mind.

Led by Dr. Matthew Wright, the Parent Church Network helps parent churches by:

  • Determining potential daughters in their immediate context

  • Gather together with like-minded parent churches for encouragement and training

  • Sharing of best practices and learned lessons in a collaborative network from other parenting churches

  • Encouraging other potential parent churches to begin the process

Ignite Church Planting is committed to helping churches multiply and grow. We have seen the positive examples of churches in our region who have hosted a daughter in their facility and are looking for more to partner with us.

IFor more information on this network, please contact .

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