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February 2024 Prayer Letter

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Dear Ignite Prayer and Fasting Partners,

This spring, farmers across Illinois and Indiana will enter the fields to begin preparing the ground for the planting that will soon follow. Tractors and implements will open up the ground so it will be ready to welcome the seeds that will be planted. Now I recognize that spring is not here yet, however, for the past 30 days, we have been preparing the field we call Chicagoland for the planting that is to come through our prayers.  The theme of this year’s campaign was Multiply and we believe our prayers lifted up daily are preparing the ground for multiplication to happen. We saw some specific answers during the 30 days and I am confident there are many more to come. 


Thank you for being a part of our prayer effort.  Your help in this way is vitally important to Ignite. Here are some of the things I would like you to pray for this month:

Mosaico Christian Church, Morris soft launch: Mosaico will hold their first service (which will bon March 3. Please pray for the following:

  • Todd and Tonja Hancock – They are leading the plant and we want to lift them up

  • The launch team – As they invite others and serve the newcomers

  • First Christian Church – The parent church, we are grateful for them stepping out

Planter for Impact Christian Church’s daughter: This is something we prayed for several times during the 30 days. We have a parent church ready to host a daughter, (in Merrilliville, IN) now we need the planter. Let’s pray this person in.

New meeting place for Fuente de Salvicion church:  This is our Ecuadorian plant on the north side of Chicago. Neill and Rosy Snyder (planning on starting a micro church in Homewood, IL) are currently working with this church and the good news is, the church is growing. However, this growth is exceeding the capacity of their current facility.  Please pray for Neill and his team as they look for other options in the city. 

Ignite Thriving Churches:  This program (funded by the grant from the Lilly Endowment) will help participating churches become more healthy. The team is meeting together and more information will be coming soon. Please pray for Dave Rudin and Matt Wright as they lead this effort.

Thank you for making time to pray for Ignite.  Your prayers touch the heart of the Father, Lance




download pdf 

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