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Pentecost is for Planting

May 28, 2023 

May 28, 2023


Pentecost Sunday, the birthdate of the church in Acts 2, is coming on May 28. Each year, Ignite takes up a special offering on Pentecost as we celebrate the birth of churches. This year’s offering is going to lay the foundation for starting several Hispanic churches across Chicagoland.


There are over 2 million people of Hispanic heritage in Chicagoland. This year, through our Parent Church Network and through God bringing opportunities to us, we have four opportunities to start churches that will focus on Latinos in our region. The picture on this page comes from a meeting with a group of Ecuadorians who live on the north side of Chicago and are wanting to start a church for their people group. We are excited about what is happening and look forward to starting this group of churches. 

Through the generosity of a church partner, we have a matching gift opportunity this year. For every dollar raised, this partner will match the amount up to $20,000. We are grateful for partners who believe in the work of starting churches and we look forward to seeing what the Father does through this offering to raise support for these four church plants. We are praying for 48 churches to participate in this endeavor.


You can download the video to show in your church.  


You can also download a slide to include in your presentation software.  

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