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Pentecost is for Planting

June 5, 2022 

June 5, 2022
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Welcome from Ignite Church Planting. Our mission is to bring the hope of Jesus to Chicagoland by starting churches. On June 5, we will celebrate Pentecost Sunday and we want to invite you to celebrate with us.


Each year, on this day, we invite individuals and churches to participate in our Pentecost Offering to help Ignite start more churches. The focus for this year’s offering will be on starting churches in the city of Chicago. 


This world class city is home to more than 2.7 million people who come from a wide variety of backgrounds. These people live in 77 distinct community areas across the city and most of these areas are highly underchurched. People who know the city estimate that two-thirds of the population have no connection to Jesus or his church. We want to change that number.


A generous partner has committed $15,000 as a matching gift for this offering. Every dollar raised will be doubled so we can do more to start churches in Chicago. 


Every one of us with a church home knows the difference a church can make. Will you help us by participating in this offering?  You can donate right now.

If you would like to promote the Pentecost Sunday offering at your church, you can download the video here.

We also have a Power Point Graphics Package for churches to use.  You can download it here.​


Thank you for helping bring hope to Chicagoland and beyond by helping us start churches.


For more information:

Please email or call Lance at (815) 685-1939 .

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